Unleash your inner dancer at The Dance School Blackpool! Our diverse range of dance classes will have you moving and grooving to the beat in no time. Whether you’re into modern, street dance, ballet, or singing & musical theatre, we’ve got the perfect class for you. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step, helping you build confidence and improve your skills. Join our vibrant dance community and let the rhythm take over!

Didi & Pre School

Introducing Didi & Pre School, the perfect place for your little ones to discover the joy of dance! Designed for children aged 2 to 4, our classes focus on building coordination, musical awareness, and social skills through fun and interactive dance movements. Watch as your child blossoms in a friendly environment, where they’ll learn the basics of dance while making new friends. Give your child the gift of movement and creativity with Didi & Pre School today!

The Dance Place Blackpool


Unlock your child’s potential with Acro, the perfect blend of dance and acrobatics! Our classes are designed to introduce children as young as 3 to the exciting world of acro, where they’ll learn fundamental techniques and progress to impressive tumbling skills. But it doesn’t stop there – our fun-filled sessions also focus on enhancing flexibility, balance, and strength. With our adherence to the acrobatic arts syllabus, your child can even participate in exams and competitions, showcasing their talent and dedication. Give your little one a head start in life with Acro!

Acro at The Dance Place Blackpool


Step into the world of rhythm and confidence with Tap! Our tap dance classes are the perfect platform for students to develop their coordination, timing, and musicality. With our expert instructors and adherence to the prestigious ISTD syllabus, students have the opportunity to participate in exams, shows, and competitions. Let your feet create music and watch as your child’s confidence soars with every tap. Join us today and unlock the joy of tap dance!

Tap at The Dance Place Blackpool


Unleash your inner dancer with Modern, the ultimate dance experience that combines energy, grace, and creativity. Our classes follow the prestigious ISTD syllabus, ensuring that students have the opportunity to participate in exams, shows, and competitions. From fast-paced movements to breathtaking leaps and turns, Modern dance will help you develop strength, flexibility, and a true passion for the art form. Join us today and discover the joy of expressing yourself through this dynamic and captivating style.

Modern at The Dance Place Blackpool

Commercial Street Dance

A fun energetic class where students can express themselves with freestyle and improvisation. Students will learn moves that you see  performed by backing dancers on music videos. It’s a great class to build confidence. We also have a boys only class age 7 up. We follow the UKA syllabus where students can partake in exams shows and competitions

Street at The Dance Place Blackpool


Unlock the graceful world of dance with Ballet, the ultimate foundation for aspiring dancers. Dive into a fun and challenging class that will enhance your technical skills and ignite your passion for movement. Our expert instructors follow the esteemed ISTD syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive dance education that prepares you for exams, shows, and competitions. Whether you dream of a professional dance career or simply want to experience the joy of ballet, our classes are designed to nurture your talent and unleash your full potential. Join us on this enchanting journey and let Ballet be your stepping stone to greatness!

Ballet at The Dance Place Blackpool

Singing & Musical Theatre

Discover the magic of singing and musical theatre with our incredible classes! Whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your skills to the next level, our expert instructors will guide you through the journey of vocal excellence. With a focus on breathing, posture, diction, and more, you’ll develop the essential techniques needed to shine on stage. Plus, with both group and private lessons available, you can choose the learning style that suits you best. Join us today and unlock your true potential as a singer. Prepare for exams, showcase your talent in thrilling shows, and even compete in exciting competitions – all thanks to our adherence to the prestigious UKA syllabus. Get ready to hit those high notes and make your musical dreams come true!

The Dance Place Blackpool


Unleash your inner dancer with Lyrical, the perfect fusion of ballet’s grace and contemporary dance’s freedom. Our classes offer a unique opportunity for students to express themselves emotionally through the art of dance. With our expert instructors and the UKA syllabus, you’ll not only develop your skills but also gain confidence as a performer. Prepare to shine on stage, excel in exams, and dazzle in competitions. Join Lyrical today and let your passion for dance take center stage!

Lyrical at The Dance Place Blackpool

Stretch & Flex

Let Stretch & Flex unleash the dancer within you!, the ultimate class designed to take your core strength and flexibility to new heights! Join us on a journey of fun and challenge as we focus on key muscles needed for those jaw-dropping jumps, flawless turns, graceful relevés, and stunning arabesques. Our dynamic exercises will target your back, hips, and shoulders, creating the flexibility you need to shine on stage. From leg extensions to resistance exercises that strengthen your port de bras and turn out, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress. Get ready to elevate your dance skills with Stretch & Flex!

Stretch Flex at The Dance Place Blackpool

Jazz Technique

Get ready to jazz up your dance skills with Jazz Technique! Our energetic and dynamic class is designed to teach you the art of jazz, complete with kicks, leaps, and turns that will leave you feeling like a true performer. But that’s not all – we also prioritize flexibility and strength training to ensure you become a well-rounded dancer. Join us today and unlock your full potential on the dance floor!

Jazz at The Dance Place Blackpool

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