Welcome to The Dance Place, the ultimate dance school in Blackpool, UK!

We are proud to be a multi-award winning and highly recommended establishment that has been creating magic on the dance floor for years.

Step into our studio and experience the warm and friendly atmosphere that sets us apart. Whether you’re a tiny tot or an adult with two left feet, we have lessons tailored to suit all ages and abilities. From the age of 2 and up, everyone is welcome to join our vibrant dance community.

At The Dance Place, we believe that dancing is not just about learning steps; it’s about expressing yourself, building confidence, and having fun! Our team of experienced instructors are passionate about teaching and will guide you every step of the way on your dance journey.

So whether you want to twirl like a ballerina or groove like a hip-hop star, The Dance Place is here to make your dancing dreams come true. Join us today and let’s create some unforgettable moments on the dance floor together!

Ballet at The Dance Place Blackpool
The Dance Place Blackpool

At The Dance Place, we specialise in a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, modern, acro, street dance and singing. Whether you’re a beginner looking to discover the joy of dancing or an experienced dancer wanting to refine your skills, our dedicated team of instructors are here to guide and inspire you every step of the way.

But that’s not all – at The Dance Place, we go above and beyond by providing fantastic opportunities for our students to take part in first-class entertainment productions. From dazzling performances on stage to thrilling competitions, we believe in nurturing the talent within each child and giving them a platform to shine.

So if you’re looking for a dance school that offers top-notch training in Blackpool, look no further than The Dance Place. Join our vibrant community of dancers and let us help you unleash your full potential. Get ready to twirl, leap and express yourself through the art of dance – it’s time to make your dreams come true at The Dance Place!


Get ready to be amazed by the incredible performances of the dance school in Blackpool! They have taken the stage by storm, showcasing their talent in some of the most iconic venues this town has to offer. From the grandeur of the Opera House and Winter Gardens to the historic charm of The Grand Theatre and The Globe Theatre, this dance school has left a lasting impression on every stage they’ve graced.

But their journey doesn’t stop there! They have also captivated audiences at The Horseshoe Showbar and The Paradise Room, proving that their talent knows no bounds. With each performance, they bring energy, passion, and an undeniable flair that leaves spectators in awe.

Whether it’s a dazzling display of ballet, an electrifying hip-hop routine, or an enchanting contemporary piece, this dance school in Blackpool knows how to deliver a show-stopping performance. Their dedication to their craft is evident in every step they take and every move they make.

So if you’re looking for a dance school that goes above and beyond to showcase their skills on some of Blackpool’s most prestigious stages, look no further. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the incredible performances of this talented group.

The Dance Place Blackpool